Elon Musk $199.8 B

Jeff Bezos $191.4 B

Bernard Arnault $175.8 B

Bill Gates $129.7 B

Mark Zuckerberg $122.7 B

Larry Ellison $117.9 B

Larry Page $116.9 B

Sergey Brin $112.7 B

Warren Buffett $100.1 B

Mukesh Ambani $97.0 B

I’ll help get you there, but you need to be prepared upon arrival. The following is a brief introduction to your future home.


You will require a unique cross-section of devices on Mars. …

Electromagnetic Waves from Maxwell’s eq.

How to derive Electromagnetic Waves from Maxwell’s eq. ::

1)∇.B = 0
2)∇.E = 0
3)∇xE = -∂B/∂t
4)∇xB = μ₀ε₀∂E/∂t

Using ∇x(∇xA) = ∇(∇⋅A)-∇²A for E & B

∂²E/∂t² = 1/μ₀ε₀∇²E
∂²B/∂t² = 1/μ₀ε₀∇²B

E and B obey the wave eq. with c = √1/μ₀ε₀💡!

1.Nuclear weapons proliferation nuclear technology made a violent entrance onto the world stage just one year after the world’s first-ever nuclear test explosion in 1944 two large cities were destroyed by just two single bombs after that, reactor technology slowly evolved as a means of generating electricity but it is…

Devilal Godara

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